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MiaCarina.com is not just about clothes, it is about the little girl that wears the clothes and what she inspires. 

All Rights Reserved, MiaCarina.com
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Miacarina.com offers a great selection of cute and fashionable clothing for babies, toddler, and little girls. 
From everyday outfits to special occasion clothing, your cute baby girl is sure to look beautiful in any of these designs!

All of these unique baby, toddler, and little girl fashions are handmade and sewn in the US. 
Extreme attention to detail is shown in each clothing creation.  Every high quality outfit is made to last.

Forget the idea that babies, toddler, or little girls only will wear these dresses or fashions once or seasonal! 
Look around and you'll see the versatility of the clothing and fashions and how the outfits are intended to be worn as cute little girls grow and throughout the year.
From beautiful dresses to unique tops, and pants to capris, babies to toddlers girls can wear their favorite outfit many times or everyday if they like!

The styles by MiaCarina.com are inspired by childhood nostalgia and what I wanted to wear as a little girl was not often what mom picked out.
Feeling pretty, unique, and wanting to wear beautiful dresses everyday was my morning routine battle and today I try to keep the mom and child's perspective in mind with each outfit.
Mom's want their little girls dressed appropriately and warmly enough and some girls often just want to  be able to twirl and wear their favorite pretty princess dress.
This is why you'll see dress sets that include pants or will show long sleeve shirts underneath because there were many days when I insisted on wearing my "Pink Princess Dress" on below zero Chicago winter days.  No matter my reasoning or tantrum, my mom always chose warmth over fashion which meant PANTS.  The pants options for kids growing up in the eighties were most often less than pretty and even I, at two years old, was very unhappy every time I had to wear those navy blue polyester pants! (I have never worn that color again.)  Pants in general always invoked "getting dressed wars" because I just thought they were ugly.  I would not have put up a fuss if I had the pants that I design today and my mom would have let me wear them too because they're warm!  My goal for MiaCarina.com is to make both mom and child as happy as possible with their clothing choice. 
MiaCarina.com is not just about clothes, it is about the little girl that wears the clothes and what she inspires. 
The fashions are everything that I would have wanted; pretty, colorful, unique, but still functional and easy to wear for mom.

  Copyright by Desiree Vittorio 2009


What about pageant clothing?

Well, of these unique outfits have been purchased as pageant clothing.  I do not design with pageants in mind, but I am more than happy when a little girl gets a pretty outfit for any special day.

Just about every outfit or dress is intended to be worn everyday or special occasions and after the pageant is over, be sure to get as much use out of the clothing as possible by wearing it again, handing it down, or resell.